Lost Pets

Losing a pet is a scary thing. Of course, we're all pet lovers as well so we can understand your feelings.

In order to make sure our dogs work most effectively for finding lost people, we don't reward them for finding animals and thus we do not accept requests to search for lost animals of any kind.

Steps to Take:


Post flyers around your neighborhood, add a small reward, this will get kids to really keep their eyes open for your pet.

Be observant

When you are posting the flyers, make sure you read the other flyers that are up - someone may have found your pet.

Read Classifieds

Read the Classified "Found" section for all papers that cover the area where your pet could have been found.

Classified ad

Put a free "Lost" ad in the Classified section of the Boulder Camera, 303-466-3636 - you can do 5 lines for 7 days at no cost, a small reward here is helpful as well. If you are not in the Boulder area – chances are your local paper has something similar.

Call Vets

Call local vets and find out if they have any lost animals or have any suggestions of where to call for lost animals.

Call Your Humane Society

Call the Boulder Valley Humane Society (303-442-4030) – or your local Humane Society, Dog Pound or Shelter. You might even need to visit these locations to check for yourself. (Both The City of Boulder and the City of Longmont do not have a "Dog Pound." Lost/found dogs are taken to the Humane Societies in those cities.)

Dogs trained to find lost pets

The link below has a listing of groups across the country who also search for pets.

We have no first hand knowledge of any of the these groups.

Missing Pet Partnership